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Mini Hunnybee Halter Dress

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Made in Chrysalis of Hope print, our Mini Hunnybee Halter Dress features

  • a half front button placket
  • belt loops for separate sash

Our Mini Hunnybee Halter Dress ranges from 3 to 7 years old in size. This will be an ideal pairing with your occasion wear.


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$15.00 $68.00

About the collection
1960s- The flower power period of passive non-violent resistance. An era where people desperately wanted to return back to innocence, purity and peace. At the heart of it was the symbol of peace- flowers. For us in 2020, we celebrated a year where nature and humanity rested. In doing so, we grew to respect and appreciate nature again. In our quiet moments, we found ourselves drawn to the begonia plant, which had leaves shaped like angel's wings. For us, the begonia plant symbolized hope for the future and a return to equilibrium.