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Our Collections - MM.1 - NEW WAVE



New wave is inspired by the idea of a cold current joining the warm sea;
a fresh draft of spring air that breaks the stale winter silence.

Key influence

The key influence is Carolina Spencer’s modern ikebana botanical arrangements.

Unlike typical romantic floral arrangements, her flowers were arranged in an architectural composition where shapes and forms of the flowers became central element in the carefully considered arrangement.

Eclectic Arrangements

Her botanical arrangements consist of atypical flower choices like anthuriums, mixed in with fruits and acrylics in organic shapes. This inspired our colour choices and shapes in our prints.

Explorations of a Wrap

As we wanted our collection to be wearable, we began with key features we wanted to play with. The wrap was a starting point for us.

To explore the wrap, we looked at what made a wrap. If we changed the scale of a typical wrap, what new shapes could we create? What effects could we use to imply the presence of a wrap, without doing the typical knot?

Sampling in-house

Our team works together to sketch, design and sample our pieces in-house. It is important for us that the fit, proportion and cut are right.

Colour arrangements

The last step in our sampling is bringing our fashion design and patterns together with our prints. We had a range of colours, sizes of prints and a wide variety of options!