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My Miracle Loyalty Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a fee to join Minor Miracles’ Loyalty Program?
— Joining our loyalty program requires no fee at all, it is free for all to join!

Will I have points if I am an existing customer?
— Please do create an account with us and allow us 7 days to verify your account records, after which we will credit the points that you have
earned to your account.

Is it the same if I sign up in-store?
— Yes, you will be asked to create an account on our official website in-store by one of our staff, which is the same as signing up online as well.

What are the different membership tiers and how do I reach them?
— There are four different membership levels: Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. You will be a Basic member when you first sign up with us, Bronze member when you spend $200 and above, Silver member when you spend $800 and above, and a Gold member when you spend $2000 and above.

How do I earn the loyalty points?
— Any purchases with Minor Miracles on our in-store/online website or any of our collaboration items will earn you the loyalty points, however, redemption of the points can strictly only be used on Minor Miracles products.

How long does it take for the points to be credited into my account?
— Points will be credited into your account after 14 days from date of purchase.

How do I check my point balance?
— Please click on the “Rewards” widget/button on the right side of your screen and you will be able to see your points and all the details relating to your loyalty membership.

I didn’t receive my points. How come?
— Your points will only be credited into your account 14 days after your purchase was made. If in any case you do not see your points being credited after the said period, please do contact us immediately.

How do I redeem the discount vouchers?
— There is a “Redeem” button located within the “Rewards” widget. You can find the vouchers that you are able to redeem with your available points.

Do my points expire?
— Points are valid for 1 year from the time it was credited into your account, and it expires exactly 365 days from the date it was credited into your account.

I haven’t used my points and it expired. Why do the points have an expiration date?
— We are sorry but you will not be able to use your points after it expires. Points have expiry dates as we want to encourage you to earn and use your points regularly.

Will my membership level be downgraded if I use my points?
— You will not be downgraded when you use your points to redeem any items with us, you will only be downgraded if you do not manage to hit the minimum spending amount in your tier with us in a year.

How do I maintain my membership tier level?
— Your purchase activity will be monitored during the last 12 calendar months. If you have spent above the minimum required amount for your level, you will get to maintain your membership tier. However, if you did not spend enough for the minimum required amount in your membership tier, you will be downgraded to the level where your points are at.

I have problems logging into my account.
— Please contact us immediately at if you find difficulties accessing your account.

How do I receive the extra points during my birthday month?
— Please fill in your date of birth with us and Birthday rewards will be credited into your account on the actual date of your birthday.

Will I get my points back when I return or exchange my purchase?
— Points will not be credited back into your account in the case of a return or exchange of a purchase made.

Will there be any purchases that are ineligible to earn the points?
— All purchases including sale items made with us at our Takashimaya flagship store or in our online store will earn you points that amount to how much your final total purchase is(gift cards included). 

If I purchase a gift card, will I earn loyalty points?
— Yes, you will be able to earn the loyalty points when you purchase a gift card with us.

Does this run concurrently with your rebate program?
— Our loyalty program is running concurrently with the rebate program.


What are the terms & conditions for the loyalty program?
— You can view them here.

Have a question but can’t find it under the FAQ?
— If you have any questions regarding the Loyalty Program, you may reach us through our email