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The Letter J Supply

A million miracles begin at sunrise

Random House is happy to host The Letter J Supply for her first ever art showcase from 14 to 22 December, 10-7pm daily.


Titled 'Your Life is a Masterpiece', Joanne will be showing her latest collection of 70 prints which can be purchased in Random House. She will also be conducting workshops during this time which you can sign up at


Trained as a graphic designer, Joanne picked up calligraphy whilst on holiday in New York. The lessons had a great impact on her; upon returning to Singapore she felt drawn to writing with her hands, and slowly steered away from designing with the computer.


It may seem like it's taking a step backwards but calligraphy has taught her so much about perseverance, becoming more human and working more with her heart than head. She believes that words are powerful and that art can change an atmosphere of a space.


Currently running The Letter J Supply, Joanne makes customised pieces for clients, and retails her work at lifestyle shops in Singapore.


Shop her prints online at



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