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Chiquitita Flounce Skirt

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Made in Embrace print, our Chiquitita Flounce Skirt features
  • Flouncy tiered skirt layers
  • Hidden inseam pockets
  • Side seam zip

Pair this skirt with our Wonderful Tonight Toga Top for a complete look!

Please note for the sizes with alteration, we have only altered the waist. Eg. Size S altered to XS- length, hips etc remains the same at size S but the waist is now a size XS.

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$135.00 $218.00

About the collection
Inspired by beautiful rows of tulips in Keukenhof, Holland, MM.5 Seasons is about transformation, surprise and hope.

Deeper research revealed that the beautiful tulips were not the intended end-product. These full blooms would soon meet the cutting blade, destined to be chopped down and have their pretty petals thrown away. This is done so that the next bloom will be even bigger than before.

Society often primes us to be at full bloom and many of us find our worth in it. However, to realise that it is all ultimately to be cut down and sent back to square one as a tulip bulb is certainly not what anyone would want. Unfortunately, this is what many of us are feeling in the pandemic - one step forward, two steps back. Yet, the story should not end just there. Hope is coming and in a bigger fashion in the future. A fuller bloom will come, if we can wait and persevere for another season.