Wong Siyan

Wong Siyan

Our first Mini Miracles collection features a set of twins, Joanna and Abigail, alongside their mother, Wong Siyan. A public servant, juggling motherhood and work isn't easy. Top it off with not one but two little girls!

We asked her about being a mom to these cute little ones.

What do you do at work? A lot of writing and talking!

How do you juggle being a mom and having a job? They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I can attest to that. Strong family support has been the main reason I can be both a mum and a career woman while remaining relatively sane. Thankful every day for family.

How did you find out you were having twins? During my 4th week scan, we only saw 1 pregnancy sac, but at my 8th-week scan, we were surprised by 2 heartbeats

What is it like raising twins (that might be different from raising one child)? I’ve never had the opportunity to just raise one child, but I guess what’s different is that mummy’s attention had to be split from the start! Also I’ve got to buy 2 of most things.

Name something rewarding about parenting/ makes you feel like it’s all worth it: When your kids tell you they love and appreciate you, through their words and actions 

What do you wish to have more time for? To exercise!

What do you wish more parents did with their children? Every family‘s preferences are different but for us, I wish we could bring them out into nature more 

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? Iceland, to see the northern lights and soak in the blue lagoon

What’s something weird that you recommend everyone trying at least once? Attending a yoga relaxation class. I wouldn’t call it weird, but it was certainly interesting and pretty relaxing!