#MMWOMEN: My Miracle

#MMWOMEN: My Miracle

Hi there dear friends! 

I'm Dawn, the founder and creative director of Minor Miracles. I started this brand wanting to bring positivity and happiness to everyone. For me, the way I knew I could do so well was through two loves of mine- fashion and prints. I always aim to send happiness into spaces and change atmospheres. It's that simple.

With the new COVID-19 situation, there has been plenty of negativity and it's been depressing, to be honest! So I decided to start a series of interviews with everyday women who are shining lights and have dared to be brave, especially in overcoming hardship.

I'm not trying to create superwomen here, but a lot of times, we tend to find ourselves trying to adhere to the timelines and expectations of society. And if that does not happen, we start to beat ourselves up and feel small about who we are. 

Life does not always happen the way we want it to. It's never a straight road and the mystery of life can be both exciting and terrifying. These women are everyday women with a life, a job and many things to juggle. When hardship hit, they were able to overcome them gracefully. Some are still going through it and some are past it. But whatever it is, I want you, dear reader, to leave with a sense of hope that your struggles are real but not insurmountable. You can overcome it and get past it. You don't need to be a special person with special skills. You have the power within you to be great!

I hope the following series would touch you. If you have people who impacted your life positively, in little ways or big ways, feel free to share it with us by directly messaging us on instagram or emailing us at hello@minormiracles.shop.

Good stories should be shared and remembered, especially when we stand at the summit of mountains!