Campaign Shoot

Campaign Shoot

Two weeks ago was a pretty crazy week! We had a campaign shoot with UNIFORM and together, we conceptualised 4 different scenerios where people find happiness, but in unexpected ways.

The themes of food, fitness, partying and nature got us all excited, especially when we made the props! Here are some final images from the campaign shoot we wanted to share with you, along with some behind the scenes photos!


Besides the trendy yoga and barre shots, we wanted to replicate the grandmas doing taichi in the morning at fitness corners. 


Would you believe me if I said my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were in this photo?


Part of being Singaporean is the love for food. We love our food rich in flavour and taste. And that's why food is one of the themes of happiness for us!



I don't know if it's because Singapore is so small but the only few things to do at night if you're out is either to eat, watch a movie or go partying. Fun times with friends definitely brings back memories of happiness!


I'm not much of a plant fanatic but I can tell you the seaside makes me very very calm and happy.

Major kudos to our friends at UNIFORM who put this shoot together in a month and my team for the fun especially at the prop making stage! Allow me to indulge myself in showing you some funny photos now!