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In the Studio

World of Minor Miracles

MM.2.iv: Nice to Meet Hue!
Who doesn’t love gradients? Following the success of our MM.1.i: Morning Light print, for our second edition, we prepared a fresh new gradient pale...

MM.2.iii: All Eyes on You
For this print, we took the idea quite far down the horizon in a lyrical way with the lyrics ‘my eyes are set on you’. By joining letters together,...

MM2.ii: Pick Up Lines
This print takes the idea of a horizon line and the traditional stripe pattern and reinterprets it with hand-drawn horizontal lines. Lines, lines,...

MM2.i: Horizon
Inspired by the work of Fleur Isbell, Horizon is a print that conveys the sense of waves in a horizon view, moving up and down in the sea. Every b...

There’s a new horizon, my eyes are set on you. From a wave to a horizon MM2 is inspired by the season we are in, settling into a new place which l...