MM2.i: Horizon

MM2.i: Horizon

Inspired by the work of Fleur Isbell, Horizon is a print that conveys the sense of waves in a horizon view, moving up and down in the sea.

Every breaking wave is a horizon

This print was inspired by Fleur Isbell’s work for the D&AD Annual in 2013, titled ‘Global Horizons’. Isbell created a code where users could input their location and a pattern would be generated from information like temperature, cloud cover, longitude and latitude found on 1 November 2012, the day D&AD entries opened for the year. Each user would get a different artwork for a different location, which conveyed a sense of a new horizon of creativity globally.


Squeegee to Print

In a similar fashion, we recreated our own horizon print before layering multiple parts over and changing the colours.

Colour picking

After a print is created, colour changes will ensue. While referring to our moodboard images, the team often likes to pick colours that are brighter and fresher.