Flower power

1960s- The flower power period of passive non-violent resistance. An era where people desperately wanted to return back to innocence, purity and peace. At the heart of it was the symbol of peace- flowers.

For us in 2020, we celebrated a year where nature and humanity rested. In doing so, we grew to respect and appreciate nature again. In our quiet moments, we found ourselves drawn to the begonia plant, which had leaves shaped like angel's wings. For us, the begonia plant symbolized hope for the future and a return to equilibrium. 

Begonia flowers

Our research began with walks at Gardens By The Bay to explore their Begonia collection. This would become the central source of inspiration for our prints. 

Next, we sourced vintage clothing with prints and rummaged through books to learn about the prints and silhouettes of the 1960s. Twiggy in shift dresses, girls raging over Mary Quant mini skirts and Paco Rabanne space inspired collection. 

Vivacious colours filled the pages but looking at the style of 2020, this was distinctively 1960s but not relevant for our current times. Hence, a quick scroll through Instagram provided our new colour palette.