There’s a new horizon, my eyes are set on you.

From a wave to a horizon

MM2 is inspired by the season we are in, settling into a new place which leads us to question our pathways, endpoints and process. That change of viewpoint towards new horizons led to our exploration for MM.2.

The starting point for this collection was Fleur Isbell’s work for the D&AD Annual in 2013, titled ‘Global Horizons’.

Isbell created a code where users could input their location and a pattern would be generated from information like temperature, cloud cover, longitude and latitude found on 1 November 2012, the day D&AD entries opened for the year. Each user would get a different artwork for a different location, which conveyed a sense of a new horizon of creativity globally.

From a wave to a horizon

The idea of horizons brings to mind lines- horizontal lines. In this collection, we step away from florals to more abstract prints. The idea of lines and the horizon is explored with multiple mediums, from squeegees to fine watercolour brushwork.  

Lines to drawstrings

From lines, we looked to include drawstrings as a key feature which were often sewn as straight lines and could be used in different parts of the garments to change shapes.

Testing colourways

The last step in our sampling is where we marry our prints with our designs. We sit as a team to pick the right prints with designs.