Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Hi dear friends! I hope you managed to watch our CNA documentary episode. It was my first time ever hosting and I thought it'd be fun to show you some behind the scenes images of the filming!

Last year, a production house approached me out of the blue to host this. I had no prior experience to hosting but it sounded like too good an opportunity to turn down.

We filmed for 7 full days to accumulate footage for that one hour episode. Part of the deal was for me to create a capsule collection inspired by the people & research I'd do into the 60s. And that's what led to our new collection, MM.3 Chrysalis!

What happened everyday was that the production crew would pick me up at 9am in a mini bus and we'd travel to 2-3 different destinations in a day. Before this, the producer did ALL the hard work but spending days and hours meeting people, hearing their stories and figuring out how to string the episode together.

My role was to make her work come to life! They'd usually not want to tell me much prior to the filming so that my reactions on camera were fresh and real. 

Honestly, I had a pretty good time! While it could feel very tiring at times, needing to always be on alert even during post lunch hours, the producer had planned everything to the tee. It was like a tour for me!

You have to be outgoing for this job, happy to meet strangers, pry through their stories and bring the best out of them. Some of them would be camera shy and your job would be to make them feel comfortable and feed them some lines so that you'd get good footage!

Off camera, I was getting stressed creating a new collection. A collection doesn't pop out overnight, neither does it over 7 days. (Sorry, this isn't project runway!) The production crew was filming 3 episodes for CNA over a whole month and so, they decided to film me for 4 days at the start, leave me to create my collection in between and then 3 days at the end.

After 4 days of filming, my team and I started to churn the collection out. First, we made toiles, then we had a fun time of doing a casting call via Instagram. We wanted regular sized people with no prior experience and many of you applied! We are so grateful to be able to meet all of you!

While that was going on, the producer was searching for a makeup artist and hair stylist who could help us emulate the looks of the 60s. We were lucky to find Teresa and Yann & Anthony to help us out on the day itself.
So the big day came. The producer had booked Design Orchard for the show itself and then they filmed everything like reality television! Jazlina & I were left to run the show, running between 2 floors with the models, doing rehearsals and technical runs and finally... the show itself!
The models for the show bonded so well that was a wonderful surprise for me. For many of them, it was their first time walking a runway show on television yet they had so much zest and spunk that it truly made the clothes come alive!
I was also grateful to see familiar faces I interviewed during the episode back at our show and even fans of Minor Miracles in the crowd! While it was a small, socially distanced show, I enjoyed every minute of it!
This experience has been an honour for me, to meet all these people who opened their hearts to me, to work with an awesome crew who literally broke their backs filming from day to night. I don't think I ever dreamed that I'd be on Channel News Asia hosting a documentary episode so this is beeeeyond a miracle!